Greystone International Group as a real estate agency in Marbella play a key role in helping buyers and sellers navigate the real estate market. Some of our main responsibilities include:

  • Marketing properties for sale: We help to market properties for sale by advertising the listings, holding open houses, and promoting the properties to potential buyers.
  • Showing properties: We help buyers to view properties by scheduling showings and accompanying them on tours.
  • Providing information and advice: We provide valuable information and advice to buyers and sellers about the local market, property values, and the buying or selling process.
  • Negotiating offers and closing the sale: We help to negotiate offers and facilitate the closing process by coordinating with buyers, sellers, and other parties involved in the transaction.
  • Managing rentals: We also offer property management services, including handling rentals and maintaining properties on behalf of landlords.

Overall, our role as a real estate agency is to assist buyers and sellers in finding, evaluating, and purchasing or selling properties in Marbella.